Add some

Balloon Bending

to your next event!


Whether it's a birthday party or a fundraiser, we provide entertainment and fun for EVERYONE!!!

Your child's safety and security is our biggest priority.


What We Do

Grover's Balloons takes some air and a small piece of rubber, and creates enjoyment for kids... and adults!

Bunnies, Monkeys, Bears, Horses, Elephants, Giraffes, Unicorns, Butterflies, and ALL sorts of Dogs and other Fun Critters!


And Hats...LOTS of HATS!

And Swords...

And Flowers...

And Lazer Guns...

And Bracelets...

And almost anything a kid's brain (and my brain) can come up with!



It's a wonderful thing watching small faces light up as something COOL is made right in front of them!!!

What We Need

Just a spot for a 2ft x 2ft stand that is full of balloons and balloon twisting supplies. 

Some events, like birthday parties, all that's needed are smiling faces, people to entertain, and maybe...

a piece of cake!

The Look

The Balloon Twister doesn't paint his face up as a "clown," as it tends to scare the smaller ones. With all the bright clothes though (and a crazy hat), he does look quite silly!

More Information

Bonded and with many references, Grover's Balloons is also Insured ... meaning that if a balloon pops or comes un-done at the event, it WILL be repaired!



Our prices are very reasonable and always will be!!! We want EVERYONE to enjoy a Balloon Bending Experience!

Contact Us for a quote today!


We are new to the Island!!!

With over 15 years of Balloon Twisting and entertaining children all over BC, we're sure to put a smile on your little one's face.

Grover's Balloons proudly serves all over Vancouver Island, in beautiful British Columbia.  From Victoria to Port Hardy, we're sure to entertain young and old!

Note: Travel charges applied.



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